Royal Oak Sabbath Service

This Sabbath – 19 June, 2021

Sermon: “Inside Out”
Presented by: Mary Brown, Principal, Balmoral Seventh-day Adventist School
Worship & Praise led by: Worship Team Adonai

Sabbath Order of Service:

{NB: Worship Service will commence on completion of internal announcements which varies considerably … therefore start time of Worship & Praise is estimated only }

Start of Service for Worship & Praise is an estimate onlyNB: Start of Service time is est. only = will commence on completion of internal announcements that start at 11:00 a.m.
11:053 min.Worship Hymn #1: “Blessed the Lord God Almighty”Worship Team Adonai
11:082 min.Worship Hymn #2: “The Power of your love”Worship Team Adonai
11:105 min.WelcomePwrPt PresentationMary Brown, Summer, Charles
11:151 min.Opening Prayer#294: “Power in the Blood”Worship Team
11:161 min.Prayer SongFrancesca; Tare; Summer
11:173 min.Special ItemTransform Me
11:204 min.OfferingTui Ridge ParkSungeon = Piano interlude
11:241 min.Offering PrayerPr. Ama
11:251 min.What I like about my school? Part 1Sungeon; Nahum; Rebecca; Izayliah
11:262 min.Rm 3 Item:
Special item – Competition entry song from senior
Mrs Timothy Summer
11:303 min.Sermonette 1t.b.c.Pr. Ama and Charles
11:331 min.What I like about my school? Part 2Deborah; Nature; Marvin; Lili
11:3410 minRm 4 ItemMs Kim
11:4060 minSermonette 2t.b.c.t.b.c.
11:455 min.Rm 1 ItemMrs Glasgow
11:503 min.Sermonette 3t.b.c.t.b.c.
11:532 min.Rm 2 ItemMrs Ginajil
11:555 min.Closing RemarksMrs Brown
12:00BenedictionPr. Ama


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Sabbath, 12 June, 2021

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