Royal Oak SDAC Biblical Video Series

“Ancient Mysteries Reveal the Future” – created by: Gary Webster | presented by: Pr. Abel Iorgulescu | Part 1 of 24
View Part 2 and the remainder of this incredible journey on our Royal Oak SDA Church YouTube Channel
“The Need of the Hour” – 1 of 5
Pr. Jean-Noel Adeline
View Parts 2-5 | ROCSDA YouTube
“Praying for Rain” – Part 1 of 4
Pr. William Iererua
View Parts 2-4 | ROCSDA YouTube
“Adventures with Abraham” 1/7
Pr. Greg Timmins
View Parts 2-7 | ROCSDA YouTube

View the remainder of the above Sermon Series, as well as many others at our Royal Oak SDAC YouTube Channel