Adventist Beliefs

Our Beliefs in Brief:


Adventists base their faith in God as revealed through Jesus Christ and as shown through the Bible, inspired by the Holy Spirit.


Faith means placing complete trust in God and accepting His offer of salvation. Such trust is fundamental to Adventist beliefs. A living relationship with God is essential to faith.

The Bible

Written down over many years, the Bible presents the essential truth about God. The Holy Spirit inspired human writers to reveal the character of God and how He wishes to save all those who come to Him. The Bible explains the nature of God and the way God’s followers will behave as a result of their relationship with Him.

The Gospel

The heart of the Adventist message is the gospel, God’s good news of salvation. Through Jesus’ death on the cross, human beings may be won back to love and trust God and to accept God’s free gift of eternal life.


Creator of the Universe, Christ formed our world in seven days and created the first man and woman. At the close of his creative work, God gave the Sabbath as a day of celebration and worship.

The Sabbath

The seventh-day Sabbath (Saturday) is given as a reminder of the God who both creates and saves, and it is the day God invites all to come and worship him. Jesus observed the seventh-day Sabbath while on earth, and Adventists follow His example in keeping the fourth of the Ten Commandments.

As a Christian church, Seventh-day Adventists are a community of faith who uphold the Bible as the standard for Christian belief and practice.

The 28 Fundamental Beliefs of the Adventist Church