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We are now in NZ Covid-19 Framework Protection Condition Red

Sabbath Service for 29th January 2022 = t.b.c. <<< streamed live from 11:00 a.m. NZDT

Covid-19 Conditions allow for gathering together in Church, in numbers depending on our nominated use or otherwise of the Covid-19 Vaccination Pass. The Board has determined that the "Sanctuary" will be subject to "WITH" a "My Vaccine Pass" ... the "Hall" attendance is "WITH or WITHOUT" a "My Vaccine Pass"

Sabbath Services:

Sabbath Service attendance adopted by the Board is intended to involve as many of our Church Family members as possible given the Covid-19 conditions in force at any given time.
This involves establishing "two" defined areas, being the "Sanctuary" as a "MY VACCINE PASS area", and the "Hall" as a "WITH or WITHOUT MY VACCINE PASS area". Attendance in each area dependant on the Covid-19 Condition at the time of service.

Sabbath Service Attendance:

Attendance strictly in accordance with Covid-19 Condition Red, as described below for vaccine pass requirements.

Church for Sabbath Service 29th January 2022 is Covid-19 Condition Red.
Sanctuary attendance = "100" with a MY VACCINE PASS ... Hall attendance = 25 WITH or WITHOUT a MY VACCINE PASS.

Sabbath Service attendance for the Sanctuary, in NZ Covid-19 Protection Framework Condition Red, subject to reservation booking ... you can reserve attendance by registering for attendance below:

REGISTER HERE for Sabbath Service Attendance

Numbers for Sabbath service "includes" children, even though they have no vaccination requirements.

Sabbath Sermon for this Sabbath, 29th January 2022 = t.b.c.
Presented by: t.b.c.
to be Livestreamed at 11:00 a.m. NZDT

Sabbath School:

Sabbath Schools during lockdown will be via Online Zoom Classes. Contact your Sabbath School Teacher for details, or select the link in this paragraph for class details.

Online Daily Fellowship & Bible Study:

Online Fellowship & Bible Study Zoom Sessions will be held every day of the week during Covid-19 lockdowns. Refer to the Church Newsletter or select the link in this paragraph for details.

News & Publications:

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