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We are in NZ Covid-19 Framework Protection Condition Orange

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Next Sabbath 13th August 2022: Look at what I’ve done!
Presented by: Dion Fourie

Livestreamed from Royal Oak SDA Church at 11:00 a.m. NZST

Covid-19 Conditions allow for gathering together in Church based on the “NZ Covid-19 Framework Protection Condition” settings in place at any given time.

Under NZ Covid-19 Protection Framework Condition Orange, we have unlimited attendance
My Vaccine Pass NOT REQUIRED! … no more mandates!

  • Contact Tracing is no longer required, therefore no more QR scanning.
  • My Vaccine Pass is NO LONGER IN FORCEno more mandates!
  • MASKS ARE STILL ENCOURAGED under Covid-19 Protection Framework Condition Orange.
  • Workers and volunteers must wear face masks — unless they are exempt.
  • Worship Teams and formal speakers do not need to wear a face mask when singing or speaking from the stage. They should, or are encouraged to wear face masks when not singing or speaking.
  • Good hygiene and cleaning practices is encouraged.
  • All Sabbath School classes are encouraged to come back to Church. SS time 9.30 – 10.45am as usual (SS teachers may need to make some private arrangements if unable to participate in person).
  • Church lunches (with Good hygiene and cleaning practices) starting from 7 May. Private BYO lunches are acceptable for Adventurers/Youth meanwhile.

Health Advisory

Those that are regarded as being at high risk from SARS-CoV-2, even though they may be fully vaccinated, are advised to carefully consider their risk options regarding attending service.
Perhaps, for example, you want to attend but want to request extra distancing … if so … if you require extra health & safety considerations, please contact Julie via Email.

Sabbath Services:

Sabbath Service Attendance:

Attendance strictly in accordance with the NZ Covid-19 Protection Framework.

Church for Sabbath Service 13th August 2022 is currently Covid-19 Condition Orange.
Sanctuary attendance = UNLIMITED “with Masks being encouraged”

Sabbath Service for next Sabbath, 13th August 2022 = Look at what I’ve done!
Presented by: Dion Fourie
Livestreamed at 11:00 a.m. NZST

Online Daily Fellowship & Bible Study:

Online Fellowship & Bible Study Zoom Sessions will be held every day of the week during Covid-19 lockdowns. Refer to the Church Newsletter or select the link in this paragraph for details.

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