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We are now at COVID-19 LEVEL-3 PHASE-1 lockdown

Sabbath Services for the duration of the lockdown will be recorded at the Presenters homes then either Premiered or uploaded to our ROCSDA YouTube Account, or when resources are available, streamed "live" from the Presenters home.

Sabbath Services:

Church for next Sabbath Service 16 October, 2021 under Covid-19 Level-3, Phase-1 Lockdown restrictions.

Sabbath Sermon for 16 October = "Today is the Day"

To be livestreamed or premiered (t.b.c.) on our Royal Oak SDA Church YouTube Acct.

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Sabbath Schools during lockdown will be via Online Zoom Classes. Contact your Sabbath School Teacher for details, or select the link in this paragraph for class details.

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Online Fellowship & Bible Study Zoom Sessions will be held every day of the week during Covid-19 lockdowns. Refer to the Church Newsletter or select the link in this paragraph for details.

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Sabbath Service 16 October, 2021:

Sermon: “Today is the Day”

Presented by: Dion Fourie

We as Seventh-day Adventists have been preaching the soon-coming of Jesus for almost 160 years. It is the one event that we look forward to, study, talk about and sing about, yet we are told in the Bible that we are part of the Laodicean church, lukewarm and unready. We see the Second Coming as an event somewhere in the future, and there seems to be no urgency in getting ready for it. We all want to be ready, but are we ready right now? Are our lamps filled with oil and burning, and do we have extra oil? Have we entered that daily walk with Jesus, that will take us into His kingdom? We may not have a tomorrow, so are we ready today?

Dion Fourie

This Sermon will be livestreamed or premiered here >>> Royal Oak SDA Church YouTube Acct.
As recorded from the Presenters home, with Video Post-production & Streaming Services from Royal Oak SDA Church ...
48 Mt. Smart Rd, Onehunga, Auckland, New Zealand

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